Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are machines that are used to clean various types of things such as: rooms, buildings, restaurants, furniture, hallways, hospitals, hotels, machinery, and automobile sales dealers, etc. Steam cleaners work by using heated water which turns into steam. These devices come in various sizes and power. The larger models are generally used for industrial use and for cleaning large areas. The high-pressure steam that is produced by the cleaners can clean dirt and grime and kill things such as bacteria, molds, termites and germs, etc.

These devices offer very deep cleaning powers as dry steam at temperatures of 240 degrees Fahrenheit is used to disinfect and sanitize. Dangerous chemicals are not used in the cleaning process as all you need is water. These types of cleaners are ideal for cleaning various types of hard surfaces such as tiled floors, and patios, etc. Large cleaners which have a hose and nozzle attachment are ideal for cleaning large areas and heavy machinery. Specialized steam cleaners that are used to clean surgical and dental instruments are also available.

Steam cleaners are usually run on electric power. The cleaners come in several forms such as: portable, upright, canister and hand held. They are classified by their internal temperature, their boiler capacity in liters, their boiler material, their pressure gauges, their safety triggers, and their number of accessories such as spot cleaner, towels, tools, extension wands, nozzles, funnels, hose, etc. Water can be added to a steam cleaner as required without stopping the process. Once the unit is filled it can clean for about one to one and a half hours.

If you are going to use a steam cleaner make sure that you have the right type for the job at hand as it has to be powerful enough to clean your surface. Steam cleaners are designed to be safe and scald proof and they have suitable pressure release valves to remove the danger of excess steam pressure building up. However, you must make sure that you don’t aim the steam towards any part of your body. An empty level indicator is provided that indicates if the water level is low.

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