Stainless Steel Tanks

Stainless steel tanks are often used in places such as: medical clinics and hospitals, the chemical process industry, and in the film development process. These tanks are also used for common domestic applications such as storing water and food items, and in the food processing industry to heat fluids and mixtures that make up recipes, etc. In fact these types of tanks are used in many different environments including the industrial sector as they are suitable to store just about anything in them.

Tanks that are made of stainless steel are designed to not to retain any odors and can be cleaned easily as any residues can be easily scraped off. Stainless steel tanks are usually fabricated from sheet metal, metal plates, or are formed by using deep drawing dies.

The type of steel that the tank is made of will depend on what it is going to be used for. When selecting a stainless steel tank you should be clear about the item’s internal volume, internal size, and wall thickness, etc. While thicker tanks made of welded and fabricated plates are stronger than sheet metal products, they also weigh more and cost much more. Stainless steel tanks are usually made out of rolled sheet metal. Titanium is sometimes added as it is stronger and lighter than steel and is highly resistant to salt water and extreme temperatures. Titanium also has the highest corrosion resistance of any metal. When titanium is combined with steel it makes the product much stronger. Attachments such as taps, tubes, and pipes, etc. can be fabricated into the steel tank. Stainless steel tanks, when properly made, can also used as pressure vessels.

Stainless steel tanks can come in many different types of steel, sizes and shapes, capacity and wall configuration. A tank with a single wall can be used for many types of basic applications however a double walled tank is recommended if high-pressure is to be involved. There are vertical tanks and there are horizontal tanks. The access port to a vertical tank is on the bottom and the access to a horizontal tank is on both the bottom and the top. Stainless steel tanks can fit in your hand or be as big as your garage. Very large tanks can be placed underground or over ground. They can also be fixed in a location or mounted on rollers so that they can be moved around. Stainless steel clad tanks are also available.

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