Springs are one of the most widely used mechanical devices in the world and you will find them in many different items such as: toys, watches, cars, audio systems, pens, computers, airplanes, chairs, pressure gauges, scientific instruments and various types of machinery, etc. Some of the different types of springs available are: coiled springs, compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, leaf springs, flat springs, clips, spring washers, pressings, torsion bars, volute springs, Belleville washers, constant force type, ring type, and spiral type, etc.

Springs are flexible objects that are made from round or rectangular cross section wires that are prepared from special spring steel materials such as: high carbon spring steel, alloy spring steel, stainless steel, copper base alloys, and nickel base alloys, etc. However, technically a spring could be any device which stores potential energy in it by putting strain on the atomic bonds of elastic material. For instance a rubber band could be considered a spring as it has the capability to transfer energy if it is used properly.

Springs are used in just about any type of industry imaginable. They are also used in many other types of environments such as medical, farming, automotive, agriculture, food and beverage, education, and transportation, etc. Springs are also commonly used in various aspects of the commercial and retail sectors as well as around the house and cottage.

Leaf springs are used in automotive suspensions such as shock absorbers which are designed to dampen the shocks and the jerks as the vehicle moves on the roads. Watch springs are highly precise items and they are used to store energy when the watch is wound. As the minutes and the hours pass by the spring will slowly unwind and release its energy and provide the accurate drive that is needed in the mechanism. Spring shock absorbers use a tough spring that is mounted on a hydraulic drum to absorb the vibrations and shocks.

The most common type of spring that is used is generally considered to be a torsion spring, such as a coil, or helical spring. If you want to see what this type of spring looks like all you have to do is unscrew a typical push button, writing pen. Inside the chamber of the pen will be a coil spring.

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