Skid Steer Tracks

Skid steer tracks are tank-type tracks that are attached to skid steers loaders in low-traction areas such as snow, mud and soft soil terrain, etc. The vehicles are usually outfitted with four pneumatic tires for their transportation, but in some types of terrain the wheels will bog down. Skid steer tracks are ideal for slow moving surfaces as they distribute the vehicle's weight over more area which enables better movement. The tracks can be either integral or fitted as attachments on the existing rubber wheels.

Skid steer tracks can be built out of three different materials, which are steel, urethane, and rubber. The steel tracks are generally the least expensive type, but they have a habit of ripping up the ground. They are also heavier than the other types of tracks and are usually more difficult to install and uninstall. They can also cause damage to the tires on your skid loader. The benefits of steel tracks are that they usually last longer and are more wear-resistant than the other types.

Urethane tracks employ urethane pads to add to flotation capability. These tracks also cut down on wear and tear on both the ground surface and the tires of the skid steer. However, they cost more than steel tracks, but are less expensive than rubber tracks. The rubber tracks are relatively easy to put on and take off and like urethane tracks they increase flotation. They are also less rough on the tires and the ground however they are usually the most expensive types of tracks. The type of tracks you need will depend on the make and model of the skid steer.

Skid steer tracks are classified by their length and the type that is used will depend on the vehicle model. Skid steer loaders that are fitted with tracks can be also be fitted with a variety of industrial attachments such as vibratory rollers, breakers, brooms, buckets, tooth bars, grapples, pallet forks (both rail and pin styles), cold planers, backhoes, bale spears, power rakes, three-point hitches, rotary tillers, tracks, utility blades, trenchers, rubber tracks, sweepers, water sprayers, snow removal blades, and multi-purpose buckets. These attachments enable various types of jobs to be done such as lifting lumber, straw bales, and pallets, as well as hard surface tilling, rock breaking and hard surface digging.

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