Skid Steer Loaders

Skid steer loaders are compact vehicles that are used in many different types of industrial environments. These machines are also commonly known as skid loaders and skid steers. A typical skid steer loader comes equipped with a hydraulically powered extendable arm that has a scoop or bucket attached to it. The bucket is used for pushing, digging, scooping, lifting and loading various types of loads such as dirt, gravel, snow, sand, rubble, and rocks etc. The vehicle is driven by an operator who sits atop the machine in a cabin.

A skid steer loader has four wheels to transport it over different types of terrain, but if the going gets tough then a set of tank-like tracks is attached to the machine. The tracks are ideal for moving the skid steer over tough moving surfaces such as snow, loose soil, and mud etc. The skid steer is also built to accept many different types of attachments. You can replace the bucket with other useful working devices such as utility blades, trench breakers, brooms, tooth bars, multi-purpose buckets, backhoes, bale spears, grapples, pallet forks, rotary tillers, cold planers, power rakes, sweepers, water sprayers, snow removal blades, snow removal blowers, and vibratory rollers.

These different attachments make the skid steer loader a very popular vehicle that is suitable for in many different industrial sectors such as farming, recycling, plumbing, agriculture, landscaping, snow removal, mining, carpentry, fencing, road construction, and electrical. The vehicle may be also used as a pallet truck when it uses the pallet fork attachment.

Skid steer loaders are pretty compact vehicles that come in different sizes. An average skid steer weighs about 1750 lbs. and is ideal for use in areas that have narrow approaches or where there is a restriction on space, such as digging beneath a structure where the large boom of an excavator cannot reach. There are larger and more powerful skid steers available that have operating capacities of 3,000 to over 6,000 lbs. Small skid loaders are also becoming more popular as they are easier to maneuver than the larger loaders. The smaller skid steer loaders are typically known as mini-skid machines, mini skid steers, and mini-skid loaders. These machines have an operating capacity of approximately 500 lbs. Mini skid steers can also be cable or radio controlled.

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