Skid Steer Forks

Skid steers are also known as skid loaders and skid steer loaders, and these vehicles can be used for various tasks in many different types of industries. A basic skid steer comes with a bucket or scoop on the front of it that is operated by a hydraulic arm. The bucket can be used for scooping, digging, pushing, lifting and loading various different materials such as dirt, snow, rocks, gravel, rubble and sand etc.

However, skid steers can also do much more as they are designed to be fitted with different types of attachments for different types of jobs. These attachments include things such as utility blades, trench breakers, brooms, tooth bars, multi-purpose buckets, backhoes, bale spears, grapples, pallet forks, rubber tracks, rotary tillers, cold planers, power rakes, sweepers, water sprayers, snow removal blades, snow removal blowers, and vibratory rollers. This makes the skid steer a very popular vehicle that is used in many different industrial environments such as farming, recycling, plumbing, agriculture, landscaping, snow removal, mining, carpentry, fencing, road construction, and electrical. The compact, four wheeled vehicle can also be outfitted with tank-style tracks to transport it over tough terrain such as mud, slush, snow, and loose soil, etc.

Skid steer vehicles may be used as a pallet truck when they are fitted with either a skid steer fork or a pallet fork attachment. The steel forks are available in both rail and pin styles. The pin style, which is also called "the floating type", enables the pallet to adjust to ground contours. The pin type features fork positions that are fixed through pins, which fall into slots in the frame. To adjust or move the forks closer together or farther apart, the pins can be removed and the prongs adjusted.

The fork’s length and mounting frame width specify the attachment. Vehicle stability decreases as the hardened steel forks move farther apart. Extra shoes may also be fitted to the forks to increase their reach. Hydraulic power is drawn from the skid steer itself. Vehicles that are fitted with the fork attachments can be used to lift and relocate pallets, boxes, crates and other types of materials.

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