Skid Steer Attachments

Skid steers are compact vehicles that are used for digging, shoveling, pushing, lifting, and loading various types of materials such as dirt, rubble, stones, and snow etc. The machines usually come with a front loading, hydraulically powered bucket and are operated by a driver who sits atop the machine in a cabin. Skid steers are pretty maneuverable vehicles that are transported by four wheels. However, if the skid steer is used in mud, snow, gravel or loose soil it is usually fitted with tank-like tracks to give it a better grip.

Skid steers can be fitted with many different types of working attachments to increase performance and accomplish different tasks. Potential attachment types include: utility blades, trench breakers, brooms, buckets, tooth bars, multi-purpose buckets, backhoes, bale spears, grapples, pallet forks ( both rail and pin styles, three-point hitches, rubber tracks, rotary tillers, tracks, ), cold planers, power rakes, sweepers, water sprayers, snow removal blades, snow removal blowers, and vibratory rollers. Because of the machine’s versatility, it can be used in many different types of industries such as farming, recycling, plumbing, agriculture, landscaping, snow removal, mining, carpentry, fencing, road construction, and electrical.

Skid steer attachments are generally locked into place by various springs and pins. However, there are also some universal attachment systems available. These systems let the skid steer drive into the attachment and lock down the engaging mechanism and hook up the attachment. Some systems come with hydraulic locking options. All you need to do is drive into the attachment and flick a switch to engage the locking mechanisms hydraulically.

Backhoes allow the vehicle to dig deeper, while bale spears allow the operator to handle straw bales. The breaker attachment allows for digging and breaking apart rocks and rocky surfaces, while the broom attachment helps in street sweeping. The bucket allows the operator to scoop up debris and may also be fitted with teeth, which enables shallow digging. Grapple attachments ease the lifting of heavy and awkward materials, such as lumber. The vehicle may be used as a pallet truck when employing the pallet fork attachment. Power rakes allow the skid steer to till and sift through materials such as dirt.

Skid steers can be very dangerous machines and only properly trained people should operate them.

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