Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are lifting devices that have extendable arms attached to them which lift with a scissor-like motion. From the front, the crossed arms look like a large X. Some common types of scissor lifts are: mobile scissor lifts, scissor lift tables, lift 2k hydraulic scissors, floor level powered scissors, pallet stands, self leveling types, powered mobile scissors, work positioning lifts, and stationary powered lifts. Industrial lifts are generally used in situations where heights are difficult to reach by other means.

Scissor lifts are used to lift material from one height to another. Scissor lifts position assembly units at required levels so they can be fitted into the mating components further enabling repair and maintenance of overhead or streetlights. The lifts can be fitted on a truck and transport vehicles and other locations. A platform is positioned on top of the vehicle, allowing the lift operator to work and move the materials. The scissor lift is hydraulically powered and controlled either manually or by the operator.

Scissor lifts use linked, folding supports that draw together like scissors do to lift things. This is how they come about their name. Scissor lifts are usually used in situations where a larger lifting capacity and workspace are needed, but less extension and height are required. Unlike boom lifts, which utilize smaller work areas and higher reach capacities, scissor lifts use larger platform space and are designed to lift heavier loads. The platforms on most types of scissor lifts can only be raised vertically, but they can still maneuver like a smaller platform boom lift.

Scissor lifts can be powered by electric, gas, and hydraulic systems. There are two basic types of hydraulic scissor lifts which are stationery hydraulic scissor lifts and mobile lifts. Stationary lifts are pit mounted and mobile scissor lifts are mounted on nylon wheels. Lifting is hydraulically operated and battery or electric AC powered.

Scissor lifts are specified by their weight lift capacity, their maximum reach height, and their overall size. Scissor lifts are used in a various work sectors and locations such as: construction, warehouses, distribution centers, maintenance work, films sets, industrial, utility and painting, electric and power work, hotels, educational facilities and recreational facilities.

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