Over the years, rubber has become a very indispensable material and part of our daily lives. In its various processed forms, rubber finds itself being used in many types of industries ranging from aviation to surgery. Rubber is a naturally produced elastic hydrocarbon polymer, which is obtained by processing sap extracted from a variety of plants such as the Hevea Brasilien, dandelions and figs. The raw sap is called latex, which is used in many products. And when the latex is treated with artificial chemicals it can produce industrial grade rubber. There are also many types of synthetic rubbers that are manufactured and used today.

After the latex is collected, it is cured in a process called vulcanization to give the substance its required hardness. This occurs by pouring the latex into a container and mixing it with formic acid. The substances then bond together and form a congealed, solid substance. After this is done, the formed sheets are fed through a press to dry, and rubber is made. Because rubber is produced by transforming a liquid into a solid by the vulcanization process, it can be used to create a flexible mold, or it can be injected into a mold to form a solid shape such as a ball, etc.

The natural properties of rubber are such that it can disintegrate quite easily and it is easily soluble in fats or oils. The treatment of rubber with certain chemicals and additives gives it the required properties. These properties make rubber an ideal material to absorb and cushion shocks. You will find that a lot of different types of padding devices that are used throughout the world are made of some type of rubber.

Rubber, being highly stretchable and non-toxic, is used in a number of industrial applications. Some common uses of rubber are the manufacture of gloves, rubber rollers, rubber rolls, tires, boots, clothing, injection molded tool covers, seals and gaskets, shock absorbers, transmissions and conveyor belts. Owing to its properties and easy availability, rubber has gained popularity in almost every walk of life. Rubber is used just about everywhere including schools, hospitals, medical centers, automobiles, the military, offices, transportation, and sports, etc.

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