Rubber Rolls

Rubber rolls are actually rubber sheets that are used for a variety of applications. These rolls can be used either as a whole product, as punch-outs or as raw material for other types of rubber products. Rubber rolls are made out of various types of raw rubber materials such as: neoprene, nitrile, SBR, EPDM, viton, silicone, latex, urethane, Teflon, sponge, foam, gum rubber, EPR, NBR, Buna-N, fluorocarbon and Aflas.

Rubber rolls are supplied in standard widths, thickness and lengths as rolls that can be mounted on spindles. They can be directly mounted onto various types of machine tools and other types of processing equipment for easy and convenient feeding. The rolled sheets have a high degree of consistency and can be used to make a variety of flat rubber products such as: rubber tips for canes, chairs, computers, desks, keyboards, modems, monitors, printers and rolodexes.

Rubber rolls are available in various designs and colors and are also used to manufacture various types of other rubber items such as: gloves, stamps, rug backing, mats, sandblast hoses, sandals, sheeting, shopping cart bumpers, side strip door protection, sleeves, soccer balls, ping pong paddles, water proof medical sheets, steering wheels, suction cups, steam hoses, shoes, syringe tips, sphygmomanometer hoses and tank linings.

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