No, pulverizers are not school bullies or collection men for the mob. Pulverizers are devices that are used to crush and compact a variety of products. These items range from used aluminum cans for recycling to granules that are used in the pharmaceutical industry to make consumable tablets. There are various types of pulverizers such as: bowl mill, high side roller mills, impact hammer mills and vertical mills.

Pulverizers are rated by the weight of material that they can crush per hour (pounds per hour) and the horse power of the driving motors. There are different sized pulverizers available for use. Depending on the application and the type of mills, the rated crushing capacity can vary from 10 pounds per hour to 60,000 pounds per hour or more and the rated horse power can vary from 20 HP to 500 HP or more.

Roll mills have a pair of hollow, internally reinforced, cast iron wheels mounted on spindles that are driven by motors. A layer of hard, wear resistant material is put on the wheels and the material that is to be crushed is poured from a hopper. Precision pulverizers that are used in the pharmaceutical industry are designed to crush various types of medication granules into fine powders. A series of size reduction units are used, with crushed powder from one machine being sent to another, so there is a stepped reduction in size until finally the pulverized powder is a few microns in size. These mills operate under extremely clean conditions and full care is taken to see that there is absolutely no contamination from the mills.

Pulverizers are commonly used on construction and demolition sites for tasks such as cutting through metal beams and crushing sections of walls. The rubble that is left over can then easily be loaded into a dump truck for removal.

Pulverizers are also used to turn any friable material into a fine powder. These table-mounted devices are often called disk pulverizers and they have adjustable grinding plates that can be locked into position. These devices can then reduce the materials to particle size for various types of scientific and industrial applications. The grinding plates are usually available in assorted materials and hardness.

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