Pressure Washers

Pressure washers, also known as power washers, are commonly used in cleaning automobiles, factories, homes, decks, patios, building walls, hospitals, graffiti and food and chemical cleaning equipment, etc. The devices combine compressed air, water, cleansing foam or detergents. A pressure washer uses an electric or gasoline-powered engine to run a pump. This pump operates as a compressor and enables the pressure washer to shoot out a concentrated and pressurized stream of water. The pressure works by forcing the fluids through a hand held nozzle.

There are various types of pressure washers such as hot water, cold water and cool drive. These devices are ideal for cleaning and washing stubborn stains and dirt along with hard to reach places. Pressure washers are used in many types of industrial, commercial, transportation, and retail sectors. They are also commonly used at home and at the cottage etc.

The washing units can be fitted with different types of nozzles such as rotary nozzles and they also feature a long hose pipe, which allows users to move about freely. The hot water pressure washer makes sure that the water is heated before it is forced out through the nozzle. Some devices can contain a laser aligned pulley system. Detergents, cleaning agents, foams, and chemicals, etc. are usually added to the water to make sure that the cleaning job is thorough and that all traces of grease and dust are removed from the object.

There are two types of measurements that are generally used when comparing pressure washers, which are the pressure and flow. Many people think that only the water pressure is important however the water volume, referred to as the flow, is just as important as both factors are used to determine the washer's power. The water pressure is measured in pounds per square inch, (PSI). This reading determines how much power the washer has. The device’s PSI basically determines its effectiveness in getting rid of grease, dirt and grime, etc.

The flow or water volume of the washer is measured in gallons per minute (GPM) or in some instances liters per minute (LPM).The water flow is the amount of water that is being squirted out of the nozzle. This will affect the cleaning job at hand as the higher the flow rate is the shorter the job should be.

Pressure Washers are selected according to their type (hot or cold water), device power, engine type and make, pressure capacity and types of nozzles and attachments. Remember that pressure washers are powered devices and can be dangerous, especially when mixing water with electricity. You also have to make sure that you use the right pressure and flow while cleaning. If the washer is too powerful you may ruin the item you are washing and if the washer isn’t powerful enough, it won’t clean the item to your satisfaction.

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