Power Tools

Power tools, as the name suggests, are various types of tools and mechanical devices that operate when they are initiated by an external power source. This could generally be electricity, air or pneumatics. Power tools include many types of tools from hand held machine drills to hydraulic presses and pneumatic tools. They all are included under the umbrella of power tools and can be used for various types of applications.

Power tools are used throughout the world in everyday life. This includes industrial applications, farming, agriculture, commercial, transportation and retail sectors and domestic and office use, etc. Power tools are used in every process of manufacturing including pre production, production, assembly, packaging, shipping and maintenance. You can bet that if any type of hand tool can be turned into a power tool, sooner or later it will be. Power tools are available in all shapes and sizes and can be used for just about any type of task imaginable.

Power tools were designed to make the jobs of humans a lot easier and quicker and they have definitely succeeded in doing that. These tools are primarily used when manual power is not enough to drive the tools and when operations require excessive force or precision. It is now possible to drill holes at adjustable speeds using air motors, which requires less human effort. Cordless drills are another set of power tools that can be used for operations at high speeds and power. Also available are cordless hammer drills that offer improved performance in heavy-duty appliances.

Power tools are very simple to operate if used according to the operating instructions. They can be hazardous if used inappropriately or mishandled. Many workers are unaware of the possible hazards that misused power tools can cause. The US department of labor has established certain standards regarding the operation of many power tools; these are called OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. Make sure that you use the power tool for the job that it was made to do and not for any other purposes. You should also grip a power tool by its handle only and never let anybody operate one who doesn’t know how to work it properly.

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