Portable Buildings

Portable buildings are structures that can be quickly setup and dismantled in various places. Common types of portable buildings are: modular buildings, kiosks, pre-engineered buildings, prefabricated steel buildings, communication shelters, steel buildings, storage buildings, hazardous materials storage, metal buildings, prefabricated buildings, bathrooms, phone booths, stalls used in exhibitions and playgrounds, shelters in disaster areas, temporary housing in snowy areas, paint booths, and abrasive blasting rooms, etc. Portable buildings are also used in fuel island kiosks, guardhouses, turnpikes, crane cabs, toll booths, in-plant offices, equipment shelters, various types of attendants' shelters, weigh-scale houses, and parking cashier booths, etc.

Portable buildings are often used when people need to temporarily expand their office or storage space. If you need a more permanent type of building then a fabric structure could be the answer. These structures are weather resistant and smaller models don’t require a foundation and don’t have any internal supports. Many factories and offices also use portable trailers to add space to their existing buildings. Perhaps the well known types of portable buildings are the ones used as classrooms at many schools.

Portable buildings are available in many different shapes, styles and sizes. These portable structures are made out of various types of materials such as pre-fabricated materials, aluminum and steel tubes, ribs, canvas, wood, fabric, plastics and plastic polymers, etc. Small portable buildings can be carried in you car and set up just about anywhere with minimum effort. They can also be used for things such as overnight camping trips. Some larger types of portable buildings need to be moved by crane or truck if you decide to change their location.

The fabric used for cover can be made of flame retardant material and water resistant material. Portable buildings are economical, can be cleaned up easily and with electrical wiring can have the added features of permanent structures such as air conditioners. While most small types of portable buildings don’t require a building permit, you should always check out your township’s rules and regulations when erecting one.

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