Portable Air Conditioners

As the name suggests, portable air conditioners are units that can be moved from one place to another. They are not stationary air conditioning devices such as large industrial units which need to be mounted. Most portable air conditioners are equipped with wheels and offer greater flexibility in terms of mobility. They also provide greater energy efficiency as only the room the unit is placed in is cooled. Ideal for the home and the office, portable air conditioners are relatively lightweight and small as they weigh about 60 to 80 lbs. and are between 29 and 34 inches in height. Some portable air conditioners also offer heating options and can come equipped with heat strips or heat pumps.

As portable air conditioners use a compressor to produce cool air, venting is essential otherwise the cooling capacity is reduced. A window is not essential for venting and with minor modifications, venting can be accomplished via a wall, door, ceiling or window. All portable air conditioners are sold with a window venting kit, which is simple and quick to install. The venting kit includes a foam window panel and an exhaust hose (3 to 5 inches long) to vent the hot air out of the unit.

You can also buy portable air conditioners that work on the water cooling system. In water cooled air conditioning the heat is transferred to the water from the air. These systems draw cool water in and then have to drain the hot water that is generated during the air cooling process. These units are usually less expensive than the air cooled systems.

Most portable units are programmable and they allow you to set them at a specific temperature, whereas other units just plug into the wall and operate without giving you that option. As in the case of purchase of other types of air conditioners you need to first identify the British Thermal Units (BTU) that are required to cool the desired area, the type of condensation system required, and whether or not you need a heating option and a dehumidifier with your portable air conditioner.

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