Plastic Tubing

Plastic tubing is used for a wide variety of industrial applications ranging from pneumatic and hydraulic machines to high-end medical applications and irrigation systems. Plastic tubing is made from a variety of plastics and plastic compounds. This type of tubing is available in flexible or rigid styles depending upon the application. It is also made in various different lengths, thickness and colors. While choosing plastic tubing for specialized industrial applications, such as refrigerant or cryogenic applications, important parameters to consider include things such as: the dimensions, the performance specifications, the material, the features, and the color.

Some common plastic compounds that are used in making plastic tubing include nylon or polyamide, polyethylene or PEX, polyolefin, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), natural rubber, and synthetic rubber, etc. Different kinds of plastic tubing have some common features, such as being multi-layered and spark-resistant, while some tubing has the ability to be sterilized. The internal and the external diameters of the plastic tubing are very important and deserve careful consideration. Plastic tubing can also be reinforced with wire or braid to add to its strength.

PVC tubing is often used in many different types of applications such as in dairy processing, floor cleaning equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food handling, mining pumps, photofinishing, and hopper feeders, etc. Another common type of plastic that is used for tubing is polyurethane. This type of tubing is tough, abrasion resistant, and also has good chemical resistance. Polyurethane tubing keeps its characteristics in cold temperatures and it can also be reinforced with braid. Polyurethane tubing is often used is used in devices such as metering pumps, oil and fuel lines, and pneumatic control systems. This tubing is ideal for handling petroleum-based fluids and chemicals.

Because there are many types of plastics and plastic materials to choose from there are many types of plastic tubing. Other common types of tubing include polyethylene tubing, which is lightweight, inexpensive tubing and is often used in the food and beverage sector. Polypropylene tubing has good chemical resistance, and is also very light. It is often used in semiconductor manufacturing and in electronic equipment.

Plastic tubing is also commonly used in the medical, commercial and retail sectors. It’s important that you buy the right type of tubing for your job. Plastic tubing is often rated on features such as its temperature range, its maximum vacuum, its minimum bend radius and its pressure bearing capabilities. Plastic tubing can be opaque or transparent and it can also be custom made.

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