Plastic Tanks

Plastic tanks are used in a wide variety of industrial applications as they are available in a variety of shapes and configurations. While these tanks are available in a wide variety of forms and colors, the most important factors to consider when choosing one are the dimensions and the storage capabilities it possesses. Plastic tanks are much more popular than tanks that are made out of galvanized steel and titanium because plastic is a very flexible material and can be molded into any shape or size.

Because of plastic's excellent corrosion resistance properties and its light weight, it is a very useful material in industrial and domestic applications. Plastic tanks are commonly used to store and ship all types of materials in such as water, oil and chemicals. In some cases, these plastic tanks can be coated with special linings for particular applications. Some types of plastic tanks are made to be stored above ground, while others are designed for underground use. Plastic tanks may also be portable or moveable while others are meant to stay rooted in place.

The storage capacity of plastic tanks can generally range from 30 gallons to over 15,000 gallons and more. Many gas stations use underground fiberglass tanks to store their gasoline in. Plastic gas tanks are also commonly used in cars now instead of metal tanks, especially in Europe. The reason for this is because of their weight, their packaging, their safety and cost, and their resistance to rust, which leads to a longer life.

Since there are many different types and grades of plastic materials available, plastic tanks are available in various strengths, shapes, sizes, and quality. However, they should meet all government regulations. The type of walls the tank has will usually determine the tasks that the tank is suitable for. Single wall tanks are generally used for assorted common applications and double wall tanks are usually used in applications in which higher-pressure considerations are needed. Some industries where plastic tanks are used extensively are: chemicals processing, water applications, agriculture, waste treatment, food and beverage processing, etc. Plastic tanks can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

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