Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are used extensively in a wide variety of industrial applications. The term "containers" refers to the entire range of storage devices including: plastic bags, plastic bins, plastic boxes, plastic drums, plastic beakers and plastic tanks, totes, pails, buckets, coolers, crates, and barrels etc. There are technical differences however, for example: a plastic bag is a flexible storage device, whereas a plastic box is a rigid, rectangular or square container. Plastic containers are ideal for storing items in, protecting items and for transporting items.

Plastic, as a material is used extensively in the manufacturing of industrial containers because of its corrosion resistance properties, its resistance to high temperatures, its durability, its low cost and its light weight. However, these containers used for industrial processes need to adhere to certain industrial safety standards and protocols. These may range from adequate safety standards to restricting access.

Plastic containers can range in size from very small units for holding prescription tablets to huge plastic drums that are used for holding liquids, grains and waste, etc. Plastic containers can be made in just about any shape in a variety of thicknesses and durability. Plastic containers can be made opaque for the purpose of protecting photosensitive chemicals. They can even be injected with certain light sensitive chemicals which makes them change color and transparency over time.

Plastic containers are available in many different, shapes, sizes and colors. Some containers come with lids and are sealable while others have an open top. The most important parameters while choosing containers for industrial usage are capacity and dimension. Some containers are custom-made for specific industrial applications but containers, in general, are often standardized in terms of weight bearing capacity. Some common types of plastic containers are: intermodal containers, flat rack containers, open top containers, and tank containers, etc.

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