Industrial Parts Washers

Cleaning industrial components is a very important part of the industrial process. It is a common misconception that only finished products are cleaned. Even semi-finished goods are cleaned and scrubbed extensively to rid them of: oil, grease, paint, dust, soil, debris, corrosion and other impurities. There are many types of industrial parts washers used and many of them use either an immersion tank or high speed water jets with hot or cold water mixed with an industrial grade cleaning agent.

The type of parts washer that you will use depends on what your parts are made of, their size and weight and what is making them dirty. Some types of industrial parts washers are very simple and just soak your parts in a tub or tank with various cleaning agents and the longer the parts soak, the cleaner they will get.

There are more complex parts washer systems available such as fluid agitation washers which keep the cleaning liquids in motion during the washing process. These systems clean the parts more quickly than just soaking them and they are ideal for washing parts in large volumes. Some types of industrial parts washers will use heat to help them clean the parts. These washers are usually operated by gas, oil, electric or steam. This is done because heated solvents can generally clean parts more effectively than cooler cleaning agents. Some industrial parts washers can be operated manually and others may be controlled by computer systems.

Some parts washers incorporate types of bacteria to break down dirt such as oil and grease by consuming the hydrocarbons that are present in the dirt and changing them into carbon dioxide and water. Ultrasonic washers use ultrasonic energy to clean various parts. These cleaners can help to reduce the number of chemicals and lower the temperature that is needed for effective cleaning. Ultrasonic washers also work very quickly. Other simple types of industrial parts washers include basic brushes, steam and water hoses.

Industrial parts washers are used extensively from the automobile industry to high-end technology components. Some industries may have specialized industrial parts washers such as critical cleaning systems for electronics components or wafers, dunnage or pallet washers, bottle or container cleaners, sterilizing/disinfecting cleaners for pharmaceutical or food applications, etc. These industrial grade washers range from small desktop cleaners to small scrub systems and conveyor system cleaning operations. The most common example of a conveyor belt style cleaner that we encounter in everyday life is the car wash.

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