Parts Washers

Parts washers are used extensively for cleaning and scrubbing semi-finished, industrial components as well as finished goods that are coming off of a production or assembly line. These part washers are very useful in removing things such as grease, dust, soil, paint, oil, corrosion marks and any other type of debris that may cling to the industrial components. These washers typically employ a combination of an immersion tank filled with a cleaning agent and high speed water jets. These industrial washers are used practically in every industry ranging from automobile production to food processing.

There are various kinds of industrial parts washers available and they each use different methods to clean the parts. These processes include burn-off or thermal systems, degreasers, fluidized bed systems, immersion tank cleaning systems, ultrasonic cleaning processes, and spray washers. Tanks, pumps, pressure generators, brushes, scrubbers, water softeners, deionizers and nozzles are some of the components that are used extensively in parts washers.

Parts washers generally use hot water, detergents, solvents, vapors, abrasive particles, acids, and alkaline solutions to clean various different part surfaces. Industrial parts washers are generally run on electricity, gasoline, oil, or steam. The system typically consists of a wash tank that is made of glass, plastic, steel, or stainless steel. However, with the advent of technology, various new methods have been incorporated in cleaning, such as the use of sound waves and vibratory energy to shake off dust particles. Washer systems are designed to meet industrial needs and usage.

Some types of industrial parts washers will use a CNC controller to control and adjust various cleaning solution levels and characteristics such as heat, pressure, speed, applied load and flow rate. Other types of industrial parts washers can be controlled and programmed by a computer-based interface and the parts can be loaded in many different ways. In some washer systems, gas, electric or steam heaters are used to heat the cleaning solution and mechanical vibrators create a vibrating or mixing action in the solution or bath to help with the cleaning process. Pumps can also be used to intensify the cleaning pressure in many systems.

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