Partitions are stationary or moveable walls that are used to divide the space of an area into several smaller areas or components. Since they are able to absorb sound, partitions are ideal for providing privacy as well as acoustical control. Partitions are generally divided into categories such as industrial, office, toilet and shower and freestanding.

Industrial partitions are usually installed in factories hence they are freestanding and fabricated in steel. Partitions are available in angle frame, single skin and double skin options. Office partitions include storage walls, metal studs, aluminum framed and glass doors. Toilet and shower cubicles are generally moisture and corrosion resistant. Freestanding partitions outline the individual work area boundaries and provide privacy in office environments.

Partitions are ideal for offices and other types of businesses that often make changes or renovations in their buildings as they are quite versatile and economic. They are especially good for companies which lease their workspace and aren’t able to make permanent changes. Partitions are also a lot less costly to use than doing any type of permanent construction work and you can always take them with you if you change buildings. These portable walls are also commonly used in schools, laboratories and medical centers.

Partitions are also a quick way to put up a separating wall and they can usually be erected in a day, whereas a permanent addition could take weeks to complete. There isn’t any mess with a partition either and the workplace doesn’t have to go through any disruption. These removable walls are also basically maintenance-free as they don't need to be painted or plastered as is the case with building new walls. Partitions won't do any damage to the flooring or ceiling tiles the way that construction may. Partitions are also very durable as they are solid and don’t have any weak spots in them.

Operable and accordion are two different types of partitions. Straight, moveable walls and operable partitions are generally found in boardrooms, banquet halls, lecture halls, multi-utility rooms, ballrooms and exhibition centers. Accordion partitions are styled in the shape of an accordion and offer practical solutions. They are available in different styles and materials to suit varying needs.

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