Paper Shredders

Paper shredders are very useful when it comes to the disposing of important, dated and confidential documents such as contracts, bank checks, sales orders, employee information and identification cards etc. The primary use of paper shredders is to destroy all types of documents that contain sensitive information and the prevention of identity theft. If you want to be sure that nobody can read any of the documents that you have shredded you should shred them as small as possible. Paper shredders are commonly used throughout the world at home and in office environments and industrial shredders and paper shredders are also available for larger jobs.

Paper shredders contain motor powered rotating blades which turn and cut the sheets of paper that are fed into it into many small pieces. There are several types of shredders available and they can be selected depending on the type of task for which they are intended. Shredders for domestic use are usually light and portable models, while those used in offices may be bulky, but they are capable of shredding multiple sheets at a time.

Factors to consider when selecting a paper shredder are largely based on the type of application and usage. Other factors one may want to consider are the size of the paper, the number of sheets and the type of materials to be shredded.

There are two basic types of paper shredders, strip cut shredders and cross cut shredders. Strip cut shredders cut the paper into strips, as the name suggests, and the cross cut shredders cut the paper into pieces, which is safer. For business use it is a good idea to use a relatively powerful paper shredder that is able to cut the materials into many small pieces rather than just shredding them. This is a better way of maintaining confidentiality and keeping your workplace safe and secure.

Make sure that you dispose of your paper properly after it has been shredded. Something as small as a social insurance number or a credit card number could still be reconstructed if the paper hasn’t been shredded and disposed of properly.

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