Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks are wheeled vehicles that are used to lift and move pallets, cartons, crates and boxes, from one spot to another over a short distance. These trucks are commonly used in assembly shops, machining shops, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, factories, large retail outlets, commercial outlets, and warehouses. Pallet trucks have a pair of steel prongs or forks built into them and these forks are that are placed under a pallet and then lifted and transported. There are various types, sizes and shapes of pallet trucks such as folding trucks, pump trucks, hand pallet trucks, bulldogs, quick-lifts, high lifts, low profiles, ultra low profiles, rough terrain, and power pallet trucks.

The lifting forks are adjustable and can move towards or away from each other to make sure they are the right size for the load they are lifting. The trucks can be either battery operated, diesel powered or manually operated. The wheels are generally made of solid rubber or they have pneumatic tires. Additional prongs may be fitted to the trucks with extra shoes. Pallet trucks are selected according to their weight-lift capability, the maximum height to which they can lift the load, whether or not the vehicle is powered or manual, their hydraulic system type and the vehicle width.

Small electric pallet trucks generally have a load capacity of about 2,500 to 6,000 lbs. While some types of hand pallet trucks can carry the same weights as these types of electric pallet trucks you don’t have to pull and push them as they can be ridden by the operator and they also have brakes. These pallet trucks can also come with power steering and they can be ergonomically designed to help ease the physical requirements of the users.

Pallet trucks are often used to load pallets in a pallet rack system and the operator must take care not to bump into the pallet racks and the pallets. Pallet trucks can also be quite dangerous and you must make sure that you take great care when using them. Only properly qualified and trained operators should be in charge of pallet trucks.

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