Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are the basic units that are used in pallet rack systems. They are commonly used for storing material and various types of goods in such places as warehouses, factories, stores, and hospitals, etc. The pallet racks are generally made of sheet metal, angles of pallet frames, and pallet rack beams. They are multi-level units that are used to stack heavy pallets on. Racks are used to store a variety of materials such as finished products, work in process material, rejected goods, inventory items and assembly materials. Goods can be placed in a pallet rack system with fork lifts and pallet trucks.

Pallet racks consist of a series of parts and components that attach together to make shelving units. The units are slotted and can be assembled to the required shelf heights by fitting bolts and nuts. There are several types of racks available such as tear drop style racks, republic style racks, cantilever racks, drive in racks, carton flow racks, sturdy-built style racks and structural style racks.

Drive-in pallet racks are wide enough for fork lifts and pallet trucks etc. to drive through. Drive-in racks need to be strongly built as they are often bumped into by the loading vehicles. These pallet racks can also store more loads, which mean that they ultimately take up less space. Drive-in racks are ideal for storing items that have a long shelf life and aren’t rotated very often.

Cantilever pallet racks are the most popular type of rack used for storing large and awkward items. These racks are big enough to store long, flat items on and they can also do it in an organized manner. These pallet racks are commonly used stacking for lumber, PVC pipes and similar long materials on. They are also designed to handle the weight of heavy loads. The cantilever design makes it easier to load and unload the pallet racks.

When deciding on which types of pallet racks you should use, one must consider such factors as the frame depth, the pallet overhangs, the frame height, the beam length, and back-to-back clearance and anchoring. The height of the pallet should also be considered while designing the system or bigger products cannot be fitted.

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