Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is the type of racking system that is used in most super markets, warehouses, assembly shops, large spare parts dealers and automobile repair shops around the globe. Common types of pallet racking are: adjustable, beam drive-in, beam drive-through, double deep, live storage, pallet flow, mobile, selective and pushback types.

The most common and simplest type of pallet racking that is used is selective pallet racks. These racks can make the most out of your warehouse space as they are designed to store the products vertically. This pallet racking system is ideal for fast moving and selling goods as they are easy and quick to access. One negative aspect of selective pallet racking systems is that they generally use up a lot of aisle space.

With pallet flow racking, the pallets are stored on conveyor rails. These rails are higher on one end of the system than they are on the other end. In this system you load the products on the higher end of the rail system and unload them from the lower end. This process will enable you to access your products in a first in, first out method. These racking systems only need to take up two aisles which give you more storage space.

Products that are stored in drive-in pallet racking systems can be first in, first out systems or vice versa, depending on how they are set up. These systems allow a lift truck to drive into the system to pick up and transport the products. These systems are ideal for cold storage operations. If you use this type of system you must be careful not to damage your products by driving into them with the truck.

The pushback style of pallet racks give you more storage density than the selective pallet racks do. Pushback pallets can give you more depth as they allow you to store multiple pallets on the same level. This allows you to store more pallets per aisle than the pallet racking systems do. The pushback system is loaded and unloaded from the front and it is basically a first in and last out type of storage system. Because it won’t be possible to reach every pallet with ease, this system has its bad points as well.

Racking is used to store spare general and electrical parts, food products, mechanical and bulk material, etc. All types of material, non-palletized and palletized can be loaded on the racks. Pallet racking can also be customized according to a user’s requirements. The individual shelves can be adjusted to different heights. The units are selected according to the storage area, height between different levels, weight support capacity and according to movable or fixed requirements.

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