Pallet Rack Systems

The pallet racking system is the infrastructure that is used to store pallets on. Pallet racks are made of angle iron and suitable grids to store heavy pallets on. The fundamental rack system design involves determining the loading system such as FIFI or LIFO, the number of times material is moved onto a rack and removed in a day, as well as the types of material that stored and the aisle length and space optimization. The pallet racking system can be either fixed or be movable. These systems are used in many types of industries and warehousing operations along with large commercial and retail outlets.

Pallet rack systems are built to hold numerous layers and rows of heavy, loaded pallets. They are basically a type of skeleton framework for shelving and are made to load and store the pallets in their own individual slots. Some systems can be set up in an automated environment in which robot controlled fork lifts can raise and load the pallets into their designated areas within the pallet rack system.

There are some important factors that should be considered when designing and using a racking system such as the type of material handling device that will be used to load and unload the pallet racks. Typically, if overhead cranes and small pallet trucks are used, the space between adjacent racks can be lessened. But if fork lifts and heavier vehicles are used the pallet rack system will require more open space.

Other factors to be considered are the height of the material, the number of shelves or pallet racks to be moved and the maximum height levels that need to be reached. The pallets are supposed to overhang the rack frame by about three inches. For instance, if the pallets that you are stacking measure 24 inches then the frame depth for the slots should measure only 21 inches. The height of the pallet is also a very important consideration and a four-inch minimum clearance is generally recommended between the top of a load and the bottom of the beam that is above it. You also have to follow local government regulations regarding the minimum clearance from the top load and the ceiling sprinkler units and light fixtures etc. Pallet rack systems should also be built level and they have to be anchored properly for the safety of the products and the employees.

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