Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks are small load-handling devices that feature a fork and often times a hydraulic system which lifts and lowers the fork unit. They are quite similar to lift trucks and work a lot like forklifts. The steel forks are moved into position under the load and then the load is lifted by moving the handle up and down rapidly which raises the pressure to lift the load. These jacks can be run on electricity and by hydraulics. A hydraulic control enables the operator to adjust the forks by moving them closer together and farther apart to fit different size loads.

There are various types, sizes and shapes of pallet jacks such as folding pallet jacks, low profile pallet jacks, quick lift pallet jacks, short and narrow sizes, long and narrow sizes, hand brake equipped pallet jacks, four-way pallet jacks, hot galvanized pallet jacks, stainless steel pallet jacks, scale equipped pallet jacks and the scissor lift pallet jack. You can find pallet jacks in most factories, warehouses and manufacturing sectors along with a lot of commercial and retail environments.

Pallet jacks have two larger wheels situated under the frame and two or more sets of smaller wheels that are placed strategically under the forks to support the load. The devices are used to move crates, boxes, pallets and cartons over short distances. The jacks require little space to maneuver and can be used in small areas. The devices are selected by the load they can lift, the length of the forks, and the height to which the load can be listed.

Pallet jacks are designed to be operated by a single worker who can use the device’s controls to manipulate the machine. Hand or manual pallet jacks may just be basic carts which can be pushed and pulled by a worker. In the motorized types of pallet jacks the forks can be raised and lowered by automatic controls. Make sure that anybody who operates a pallet jack is properly trained for the job. You should also make sure that a pallet jack isn’t used to lift and move anything that exceeds its weight capacity.

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