Pallet Covers

Pallet covers are devices such as cushions and covers that are used to cover material-filled pallets. They can also be used as container liners and pallet liners. These covers are designed to help prevent dust, temperature extremes, dirt and moisture from falling on top of the goods. They are especially useful in covering items such as foodstuffs, meat products and electronic assemblies. These covers can also be used to separate pallets from touching each other.

Using a pallet cover also reduces the risk of the products leaking while they are being transported. A cover can also help to keep the products fresh. This is especially helpful when you are shipping perishables types of items such as fruit and vegetables. The covers can help to keep these items fresh by reflecting heat and protecting the pallet materials from all types of temperatures and weather conditions.

Pallet covers are also designed to save you priceless warehouse space as the pallets are now protected enough to be stored outdoors. Pallet covers can also offer customer and worker safety as it’s less likely that anyone will find themselves tripping over wood splinters and loose boards. Pallet covers can look after both the safety and aesthetic problems of loose materials.

There are many types of insulation available for pallet covers such as wood, vinyl, plastic or PVC, synthetic sheets as well as rubber, fire and heat retardant material. For loads that require good top-layer protection, a thermal blanket is often used. Vinyl is a popular choice of cover due to its durability and strength. Plastic covers can be molded into shrink wrap and can later be recycled for other purposes. The covers can be neatly tucked under the pallet and stapled or fixed with adhesive tape. They are also commonly used when moving processed, baked, cooked and fried food products.

Pallet covers are selected according to the size of the pallets that need to be covered and by the thickness of the material. Some covers are disposable, but most covers are washable and can be reused, except the plastic shrink wrap covers that are usually recycled. They are generally sold by weight or individually.

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