Paint Booths

Paint booths provide convenience access points to workers engaged with industrial painting projects. A paint spray booth is a wise business investment, because it is something of an ergonomic product, designed to decrease the painter's back strain while protecting the object being treated from dust, bugs and debris. This saves money, both by decreasing workplace injuries as well as preventing the wastage of labor and materials on unnecessary repainting.

Types of Paint Booths

A spray booth can have either an open front or a closed front, and they come in a range of sizes, depending on the application. An open front paint booth offers excellent airflow and easy access to the object being worked on; closed booths are generally more expensive because they feature complex ventilation systems. However, enclosed paint booths do offer the advantage of environmental control and shelter for the object being painted.

Automotive paint booths feature both prep stations and painting stations, giving the painter complete control over the project and the freedom to maneuver as needed. You can also get a specialized air brush paint booth with advanced ventilation systems, as well as spray booths uniquely designed for both large-scale and small-scale industrial projects. Manufacturers also offer paint spray booths for trucks and heavy equipment.

Maintaining Spray Booths

Large, prefabricated paint booths can cost several thousand dollars; installation is generally provided by the manufacturer. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind to protect your investment and extend the life of your paint booth:

  • Keep oil and water out of the paint booth. They have no place inside, and their presence only increases the likelihood of accidents.
  • Look for models that exceed 100 linear feet per minute of airflow, if you're purchasing an automotive paint booth. This ensures your workers will have adequate ventilation to work continuously.
  • Invest in a quality air gun. Inferior air guns tend to flake over time, and more often than not, that mess winds up all over the object being painted.
  • Use sponge mops rather than cotton mops; they won't leave any fiber traces behind after cleanup.
  • Invest in a regular professional contamination analysis of your paint booth, and decontaminate it promptly if problems are detected.
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