Overhead Cranes

Cranes are pieces of industrial equipment that are used primarily for the lifting and transporting of heavy industrial objects and raw materials. Because of their great load bearing capabilities, cranes can also be used for loading and unloading operations in places like docks and construction sites. Cranes are an important part of the construction and manufacturing process. With the advent of automation these cranes are increasingly being powered by energy sources such as hydraulic energy and electricity. These industrial cranes are subjected to a lot of wear and tear and so extreme care must be taken.

Depending upon the need, different types of cranes are used. One popular type of crane is the overhead crane. Overhead cranes or bridge-style industrial cranes, as they are more commonly known, consist of a horizontal load-bearing beam, which is attached at its end to wall columns or in most cases the underside of the ceiling. Such a structure lends a greater degree of permanence and a lot of strength. Similar to a gantry crane, overhead cranes can move horizontally above operations to move heavy materials and equipment.

Overhead cranes are generally used within a building, warehouse or manufacturing environment as they are made up of a hoist and a trolley. When an overhead crane is mounted to the walls it is said to be overhung and when it is attached to a ceiling it is said to be underhung.

One advantage to using an overhead crane is that they actually only take up little room. This makes them ideal machines to use in places such as a small warehouse. Overhead cranes do not need to be mounted at very high heights and they can also be customized to fit inside just about any space.

If you are using an overhead crane indoors it will have to be customized to work properly within the confines of your facility. There are many factors to consider when choosing an overhead crane including standard dimensions, lift requirements, drive speeds, brake options and control options. It is important to find out and understand what type of overhead crane you will need for your specific job, especially if customized dimensions are needed.

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