Order Pickers

The order picker is a type of pallet truck that is used in warehouses and stock storage areas in which goods are placed on high racks. The conventional method of use is to bring down an entire pallet or container and then pick out a single component. The order picker, on the other hand, can travel into tight places and retrieve the correct item. Order pickers are a little like lifts, but the operator travels up and down with an order picker.

Order picking trucks are also similar to forklift trucks. However, instead of forks they are fitted with a working platform. Occasionally a small auxiliary mast is mounted on the front of the platform with pallet forks which allow controlled elevation of the pallet relative to the operator’s platform. However, on some types of order pickers the forks are set in a fixed position in front of the platform. Another variation of this is a wheeled cart that is attached directly to the front of platform. This method provides you with an enclosed order platform without the need for forks.

The truck has a platform on which the operator stands and the lifting forks are placed below the operator's eye level. The fork, platform and operator move up and down affording the operator a clear view of higher-placed material racks. Metal guards are placed on the top and sides, protecting the operator from any possible falling material.

The order picker is selected according to the height to which the arms can be raised, the weight capacity at its highest position, the vehicle's horsepower, as well as its width and other available safety equipment. The device is very useful when negotiating through tall (eight meters and above), multi-tier racks.

Like all other types of lifts, you must be very careful when operating an order picker and make sure that you don’t use them to lift any objects that are too heavy for their weight capacity. A good safety policy while using an order picker is to make sure that all operators are anchored to the lift and stay anchored until they are safely back on the ground. You should always keep the aisle ways clear of obstructions when using this device. This would help to stop employees from leaning and reaching for objects as well as making sure there isn’t anything to bump into.

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