Nylon Netting

Nylon netting is a web made of many strands of strong, durable nylon that is used for purposes including construction safety, industrial material handling, fencing and crowd control at amusement parks, batting cages and sports arenas.

Safety Netting

A nylon net is useful anywhere safety is a concern. For example, they can be put up anywhere where there is a falling risk, such as on construction scaffolding and ski ramps, or on rides at amusement parks.

In addition, playground equipment can be netted for enhanced safety, and sports venues such as baseball stadiums and hockey arenas often use nylon mesh to protect passersby from stray balls and pucks. In many situations, netting is necessary to comply with safety regulations or local laws. For example, in some municipalities, golf courses and driving ranges that overlook highways must be netted for the safety of drivers.

Industrial Netting

In addition to the many applications of netting in public venues, it is also useful in industrial settings. Most commonly, nylon netting is used to create a barrier between heavy materials and workers so that any unexpected movement or machine failure does not result in injury. Mezzanines, racks and conveyor belts can all be netted in this manner.

In industrial settings, nylon netting is also useful for closing off dangerous sections to foot traffic. Nets can also be used to prevent workers from falling into open pits, tanks and other recessed areas. In many industries, these uses of netting are not only a good practice to protect workers, but they are also required by OSHA and worker's compensation insurance companies. Failing to comply can end up costing a company thousands or millions of dollars in fines and premiums, so installing inexpensive netting is a must.

Finally, netting is useful in agriculture, because it can be used to protect plants and trees as well as to shield workers from dangerous machinery, falling fruit, livestock and other hazards. In addition, a specialty netting product called bird netting is commonly used to protect fruit trees and other plants from being damaged by birds. Similarly, heavy-duty netting products can facilitate animal control, or they can be used in aquaculture applications to contain fish or aquatic plants.

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