Mezzanines are floors that are specially created between two existing floors. Used as space-savers, mezzanines economically augment usable space or a raised-access floor within an already existing area. Mezzanines can provide greater sales and display space in retail outlets, storage areas, production units, warehouses and distribution outlets etc. Mezzanines can also be used for other purposes such as security and observation towers, firing ranges and elevated offices.

Mezzanines are available in assorted shapes, types and sizes. Mezzanines are generally free standing industrial equipment items and they can range from simple storage devices to complex mezzanine systems. In a free standing mezzanine, the area below the structure remains open, which leaves plenty of room for office or storage space. Free standing mezzanines use structural steel for support and can be moved from area to area. A rack supported mezzanine is ideal for shelving and storage. The area below the device is made for maximum storage space with the use of pallet racking.

Mezzanines can be created in either single or multi-tier levels and they can only expand upwards not outwards. Most mezzanines are generally made from steel, aluminum and fiberglass. If built from steel, mezzanines are created from structured, cold-rolled, stainless steel. Structured steel mezzanines can carry heavier loads and are extremely sturdy and allow for wider column spacing. This ensures easy facilitation of electric-wiring and water-piping systems. Cold-rolled steel mezzanines are lighter than structured steel as they are made from sheet metal. However, they have limited column spacing and are unable to carry very heavy loads.

Stainless steel mezzanines are water-resistant and are generally used in food-processing plants. Aluminum mezzanines are also water-resistant, but they are only suitable for very light-load operations, while fiberglass mezzanines are more malleable than other types of mezzanines. Most mezzanines include several useful options and features such as gates, stairs, rails, walkways, shelving, modular offices, pallet storage systems, conveyor systems, material lifts, racks, caged-ladder access, electrical phone, HVAC and LAN wiring, and fire-alarm systems. Various types of safety features are also available such as protective barriers, rack guards, safety screens and partitions, along with vehicle restraint systems.

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