Medium Duty Trucks

Medium duty trucks are a diverse set of rugged and versatile commercial vehicles that range in weight from 14,001 pounds to 26,000 pounds. Unlike light duty trucks, which are generally designed based on existing consumer market pickup trucks, vans and other vehicles, medium duty trucks are exclusively designed to meet the needs of commercial enterprises, such as shipping, hauling and passenger transport. Specialty medium duty vehicles are also available, including sanitation transport, emergency vehicles and medium duty dump trucks. In many industries, medium duty trucks are the vehicle of choice due to their combination of superior maneuverability, ease of operation and affordable pricing.

Selecting a GMC Medium Duty Truck

GMC's medium duty truck lineup includes the C-Series and the T-Series. C-Series trucks feature a conventional cab, with body lengths ranging from 8 to 30 feet. These trucks can be used both on- and off-road, and 4x4 options are available. A number of cab configurations can be ordered to suit any specialty use, including crew cab, cutaway and motor home cabs. These options make GMC's C-Series one of the most versatile medium duty truck lineups on the market.

The T-Series is GMC's tilt cab line. Tilt cabs feature van-like bodies that are more compact than conventional cab trucks, making them an ideal choice for hauling cargo in crowded urban spaces. GMC's tilt cab trucks also feature enhanced visibility and tight cornering, giving them a high degree of maneuverability.

Selecting Peterbilt Medium Duty Trucks

The Peterbilt medium duty range includes the 210, 220, 325, 330 and 335 models. The 210 and 220 are tilt cab trucks that are specially designed for navigating tight turns. These compact, versatile trucks are highly maneuverable and easy to operate. They range in body length from 20 to 26 feet and can be customized for towing, landscaping and refrigerated shipping.

The 300-range Peterbilt trucks feature a conventional cab. These classic vehicles have a proven record of high performance and low maintenance and operation costs, and they are well-suited to a variety of specialty purposes, such as refrigerated shipping, wrecking and municipal utilities. It is not surprising that they have received consistently high marks in the medium duty truck sales market.

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