Mechanical Dock Levelers

Dock levelers should be equipped to handle a vast array of loading and unloading operations. They should also be equipped to handle heavy loads and be able to service different truck or ship heights. Dock levelers can compensate for height differences between the vehicle and the ground level, in order to facilitate smooth transit operations and to help prevent any damage to expensive equipment and machinery. They are basically used to bridge the gap between the loading/unloading vehicle and the dock. Through assorted design features, dock levelers can also enhance safety and productivity on the job. Mechanical dock levelers are used extensively in dock operations for the loading and unloading of various types of equipment and loads.

Dock levelers are important devices in the industrial world because they are able to facilitate the efficient flow of machinery and goods. Mechanical dock levelers operate on the basis of springs and incorporate the principles of hold-down mechanisms. Mechanical levelers are the most commonly used types of levelers and are less costly than hydraulic levelers, however many people consider them to be slightly inferior devices.

Mechanical dock levelers are initially activated by a pull chain and the operator stands on the leveler to engage it properly. These levelers don't really compensate as well for the lowering of the trailer when loading vehicles enter. They are still safe to use, but often times only the lip of the leveler is in contact with floor of the trailer. Once you have installed a mechanical dock leveler you can purchase an upgrade kit which will enable you to upgrade a mechanical leveler to have hydraulic capabilities.

All standard, mechanical industry grade levelers come equipped with some of the same features. These include:
High tensile, steel beams for supporting the weight of the load
Side-to-side tilt to compensate for tilted truck beds
Safety devices such as cross traffic support and maintenance strut
Hold down devices to secure the load and prevent it from moving when transit operations take place

A mechanical dock leveler should have a sturdy and clean frame to withstand wear and tear and to ensure a longer operational life. All types of dock levelers are rated by their weight capacity and by their service range.

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