Manlift trucks are vehicles that have a platform hoist fitted on to the back of them. The hoist can be raised and it has a flat surface on which the operator can stand and store equipment and other materials. A manlift uses an extendable arm to raise and lower operators to a certain height so that they can carry out fitting, repair and maintenance activities. A modified form of a manlift is used on firefighting engines and allows firefighters to reach tall buildings.

Most manlifts use either internal combustion or electric motors to power the wheels to the manlift. These lifts come in both two wheel and four wheel drive models. They can also come mounted to various types of utility vehicles such as pickups and vans for use in the field. Manlift baskets and platforms can be either fixed or adjustable. Adjustable baskets enable the operator to swing and level the basket as it is needed. Some manlifts will have A/C wiring built into the extendable boom so that workers can plug their tools in there.

Manlifts can be fitted on converted trucks or they can be bought fully assembled and ready to use on a truck. Major types of manlifts are: scissor lifts, hi-lift dump trucks, lav trucks, traffic boom lifts and signal manlifts, airplane catering and cabin lifts, service vehicles maintenance lifts, aerial lifts, industrial scissor lifts, all purpose dumps and overhead door installation lifts.

There are various factors that you should take in to consideration when searching for a manlift. Ultimately, the lift’s performance should drive your decision. You want to make sure that the manlift will do the job you're intending to do. You should consider the lift/basket capacity, the raise time, the working height, the side reach, the vertical travel, the lowered height, the platform size and the weight.

Manlift trucks are specified by the weight they can lift, the height or the distance of lift, and their platform size. They can be bought or hired as needed. These lifts can be dangerous and it’s very important that you don’t exceed the recommended weight limit of the lift.

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