A machine is a mechanical device with moving parts that is used to transmit power or to transform the power from one form to another. A power machine needs to be run on a type of fuel (petrol, diesel, coal, wood, etc.), electricity or wind, solar, etc. A machine uses some part of the input power to run itself. The concept of a perpetual motion machine has never been proven through application.

Power machines are man made devices that have greatly transformed our lives and we truly cannot think of a world without machines as they are used to make life easier by doing tasks that humans used to do. Machines make many tasks easier and quicker to perform. The term machinery refers to the parts which make up a machine or a group of machines that are used to produce a particular result.

A power machine has different mechanical or electrical elements that are designed to generate, convert or transmit power. Machine elements include: bearings, electric and electronic components, linkages, gears, levers, springs, wheels and axles. Outputs are rotary and linear motion, heat, and light, etc.

Of course simple and basic types of machines have been around for centuries and don’t rely on any type of fuel to power them. A simple machine basically any type of device that only requires the application of a single force to operate. Examples of simple machines include: the inclined plane, the wheel and axle, a lever, a pulley, and a wedge.

Some classes of machines are: IC engine, compressors and pumps, clocks, external combustion engines, turbines, airfoils, computing machines, and presses, etc. There are hundreds of types of machines that are used around the world. Some examples of these are: automobiles, computers, motors, airplanes, gas turbines, generators, windmills, trucks, tractors, bulldozers, lifts, mixers, graders, loaders, assembly machinery, deburring machinery, labeling machinery, pendulum clocks and quartz clocks etc.

Just about every walk of life and industry uses some type of machinery these days. This includes the computer industry, farming and agriculture, the automotive industry, the medical field, engineering, mining, manufacturing, packaging and construction.

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