Loaders are special types of earth moving equipment vehicles that are used to move earth and loose debris from one point to another. The equipment is fitted with a shovel and a scraper that are used to dig into the rubble and to scoop the debris into the shovel. Loaders are used in various types of environments such as the construction and mining industry, in harvesting operations, and military defense, etc. They are sometimes used in snow removal operations as well as they can be used to load snow into a removal truck.

Loaders are wheeled devices that are classified by their horsepower rating, their number of cylinders, their maximum shovel capacity in cubic feet, and the maximum height to which their arms can be raised, etc. The shovel can be fitted either to the back or the front of the vehicle. The shovel arms are hydraulically operated and can be swiveled to a certain extent. The operator's cabin sits atop of the vehicle and it offers a clear view of the operation area.

Unlike other types of earth moving equipment, loaders can move relatively quickly and can be used in tight places that have small clearances. They are commonly used to move construction material, mining ore, heat treatment, slag, concrete, waste materials, and small quantities of other material. There are various types of loaders that are used in the industrial world such as backhoe loaders, front end loaders, skid loaders, track loaders and wheel loaders.

Loaders that have the shovel or the loader bucket on the front end of the vehicle are known as front end loaders and loaders that have the shovel or the bucket on the back end of the vehicle are known as backhoe loaders. As with any piece of construction equipment, the loader can be quite dangerous if proper safety precautions are not utilized. Make sure that only properly trained people operate a loader. You should never attempt to use a loader for a job that it’s not designed to do. You should also try to load the bucket evenly to help maintain the vehicle’s stability.

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