Loader Buckets

Loader buckets are basically heavy, steel-type shovels that are used on various types of industrial equipment such as earth moving equipment, excavators, loaders, tractors, forklifts, back hoe loaders, and mining equipment to scoop up the ore and dirt, etc. They are also used to move rock dirt mixtures, moist loam, soil, boulders, roots, cemented materials, blasted rock, coal, woodchips, mulch, fertilizer, grain, hot slag, shredded scrap, loose material, snow, mixed moist aggregates and uniform aggregates, etc. The buckets are attached to extendable arms on most types of machinery.

Loader buckets are made of heat treated steel plates and are highly wear resistant. They are classified by their filling capacity and their overall size and weight. They are available with spill guards and with clamps. A loader bucket can be built with special widths and configurations and be made specifically for the type of load it will be moving or it can be a general purpose bucket. Some other types are heavy duty, light material, flat bottom, wedge bottom, sloped floor, tapered bottom or cat style. The bucket cutting edge that comes first in contact with the material can be straight, V lip, spade-nose or semi-spade type. The bucket has a skid bar at the bottom which helps the bucket to slide easily and scoop up the material.

Loader buckets can also use specialized types of moldboards that are made of high-grade structural steel to provide maximum strength to the buckets. Bevels are cut at a special angle which is designed to leave more steel in front of the cutting edge bolt holes. This addition is designed to provide additional wear life compared to conventional styles of loader buckets. The bevel on moldboards can also be tungsten carbide impregnated for extreme wear conditions. 

Buckets are designed to do the heavy lifting jobs that humans can’t really do by themselves. These devices do the dirty, heavy lifting and loading jobs and can do it pretty quickly. Loader buckets can be extremely dangerous so make sure that you are very careful when working with them. Only properly qualified and trained people should drive loaders.

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