Lifting Magnets

Magnets are widely used in a variety of industrial applications across an array of industries ranging from telecom and aerospace to the auto sector. Compared to ordinary magnets, industrial magnets are much more powerful and have a greater holding power. Lifting magnets come under the category of industrial magnets.

Lifting magnets are primarily used in industrial applications to lift and move various types of heavy machinery from place to place. They are used to move a variety of ferrous metals such as small bundles of rod or scrap up to large blocks of metal. They are commonly used to load and unload ships, barges, rail cars, and trucks. They are also used in transferring material around storage yards, scrap yards, shipyards, steel mills and warehouses. Lifting magnets can also be used in areas that are hard for people to access. They are often used to search for metal objects in the bottom of holding tanks, and to separate metal particles in oil and water.

A positive feature of these magnets, compared to conventional cranes and hooks, is that the magnet does not do any damage to the material that is being handled. Lifting magnets are available in a large variety to meet the specific demands of different types of industries. Some of the common types of lifting magnets that are being used are electro-lifting magnets and bipolar lifting magnets, etc. These magnets have a strong bipolar field for maximum holding capacity. If the load you are lifting is too heavy for a single magnet, then you may need to use two or more to do the job.

Lifting magnets are either permanent magnets or electromagnets. Permanent magnets are basically permanently magnetized material. However, these magnets do have a disadvantage as their lifting capacity is limited. Electromagnets depend on electricity to charge the magnet and to firmly hold the material to be lifted. These magnets need a permanent power source to work, which means that a power failure could lead to major problems. However, backup battery systems and universal power sources are available to reduce the chances of a power failure. You can vary the current to these magnets which gives them greater flexibility and lifting power than permanent magnets. Battery powered electromagnets are also available. These lifting magnets are easy to move from one spot to another, but they do need to be recharged from time to time.

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