A ladder is a common tool that is used to climb upon to let you reach a certain point that you cannot reach without aid. A typical ladder consists of two vertical stiles that are joined by a series of steps from the bottom to the top. Getting a book in a library from a rack that is 20 feet above the ground is a classic example of where ladders can be used. Ladders are also used in manufacturing firms, production plants and for domestic purposes. Ladders come in various sizes and weights. There are also a few different types of ladders such as extension, rope, telescoping, fixed and step ladders. In fact, ladders are used in all walks of life and they have existed in some form or another ever since man could walk upright.

Rungs are the most important component in a ladder as they are used to rest your feet upon or for support when climbing up and down. The rungs of a ladder must be equally spaced and spacing is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a ladder. Some other important factors you should consider when choosing a ladder are the type of usage, the height, the weight and the material used to manufacture the ladder. The height and weight are very important as they must serve the purpose of reaching the required height and, if required, it must be easily portable.

Aluminum, fiberglass and several types of wood are usually used in manufacturing ladders. The ladder platform, stay and tray are some important ladder accessories that can come in handy.

Special precautions must be taken when working with ladders, for instance, the rungs must be free of any grease or oil and you must hold the sides of the ladder with both hands when ascending. You must also make sure that the base of the ladder is firmly supported and that the top of the ladder is also in the right position. If a ladder isn’t securely in place it can easily slide and cause a serious accident. You should also take your time when you are climbing a ladder and make sure your hands are free. If you need to carry something up a ladder you should use a carrying device such as a tool belt etc. The ladder should also be placed at the right angle while using it. Never move a ladder while you are climbing it and make sure you know the ladder’s weight restrictions.

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