Industrial Work Stations

Industrial work stations allow workers and other personnel to work more effectively. These types of work stations include items such as: desks, assembly and test benches, economy workbenches, heavy-duty workbenches, clean rooms and laboratory work stations, computer work stations, electrical and electronic benches, LAN work stations, office cubicle work stations and packaging work stations etc. Basically an industrial workstation is a work area that is set up in an industrial environment. Some work stations may be designed for individual workers and other stations may be built to handle a team of workers.

Industrial work stations need to have proper racks and work holding devices for things such as: hand tools, power tools, toolings, sub-assemblies, components, fasteners, and adhesives, etc. As the user requires different types of hand tools they need to be within easy access. Adequate lighting is also very important and so is the proper placement of burr removal and waste disposal systems. Special machinery, machine tools, hand tools, desk top tools, hand grinders, and power saws, etc. will all need to be within easy reach.

Industrial work stations may also be equipped with various types of communications devices as you need to keep in contact with your co-workers and supervisors and the outside world. Many work stations will have telephones, computers and intercom systems installed in them. Based on the type of work, extra security, such as video cameras to monitor the staff, may be fitted.

A properly designed, ergonomically planned, workstation helps to reduce workers stress and can increase their productivity. Nowadays, modular or portable work stations and cubicles are often being used as these units can be setup easily and can then be taken down and moved to other locations in the factory with relatively little effort. Basically your industrial work station must have everything you need to perform your job in the station or nearby. The work station should also be kept clean and free of any obstacles and clutter as you need a safe environment to work in. You also need to know how to evacuate your work station quickly in case of an emergency.

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