Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are ideal cleaning solutions for various types of rugged industrial and commercial environments. Most industrial vacuums are made to suck up common applications such as dry and wet substances or a combination of both. They are also designed to clean up things such as abrasives, toxic and explosive materials, fine powders, coolant, oils, metal chips, and welding fumes, etc.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are much better suited to their environment because they are built with much higher power levels. Their sources of power can include electricity, air power, and gas. These specially designed vacuum cleaners also have greater storage capacities built into them than regular vacuum cleaners.

Turbine, centrifugal, regenerative and positive displacements are four ways in which industrial vacuum cleaners can create a vacuum. The different types of separation systems are cartridge-type, bag-type and centrifugal units. Customized to handle a variety of requirements, industrial vacuum cleaners are available as portable, standalone, and ride-on models, as well as being incorporated into a central vacuum system.

Centrifugal vacuums are typically bagless systems. These types of vacuums operate on a system which is known as filtered cyclonic, which is able to separate dirt and dust from the incoming air stream. This process is designed to spin vacuumed dirt inside a cylinder. This will force the heavier particles to smash against the walls of the cylinder and then they drop into the collection area. The faster the vacuum spins, the fewer smaller particles stay in the middle. These small particles are filtered out of the machine.

  • Portable vacuum units can be either used as backpacks or they can be used by trailing behind the operator.
  • Standalone vacuums are stationary wall or floor mount units that are operated by one or several operators.
  • Ride-on units are ideal for indoor and outdoor operations and they can carry one or several operators.
  • Central vacuum cleaners enable a single operator to easily handle the entire factory cleaning operation.

The systems power, vacuum pressure, airflow, operator capacity, inlets and storage capacity are some of the important factors you should consider before purchasing industrial vacuum cleaners.

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