Industrial Shredders

Industrial shredders are devices that are used to destroy or recycle materials such as: paper, plastics, textiles, metal, tires, municipal waste, medical and hazardous waste, and computer scrap, etc. Industrial shredders are built with rotary grinders that usually come in sets of two, three, or four. These grinders turn in on themselves to resize just about any type of object you could imagine. Shredding materials is a good way to simplify material handling, minimize your storage space, and to reduce transportation and disposal costs.

These shredders are available in stationary and mobile models. They work on variable speed hydraulic and electric motors however hydraulic powered shredders are usually used for heavy duty shredding jobs. Shearing, tearing and fracturing are the three actions involved while shredding. Shearing is the process of cutting the materials. Tearing means pulling on an object with force so it breaks apart and fracturing takes place when a breakable object shatters because the cutting mechanism wasn't sharp enough.

Industrial paper shredders are a very useful tool in combating fraud and industrial espionage activities as they can destroy all types of confidential and dated paper documents. These shredders are designed to deliver continuous, high-volume shredding of around 10-500 sheets of paper at a time, including: computer printout stacks, entire file folders, cardboard, carbon ribbon cassettes, etc. Plastics are generally shred before granulation to increase their efficiency and save wear and tear on the granulator.

Hazardous waste shredding material comprises of items such as: nuclear fuel rods, radioactive waste, aerosols, paints, etc. and need special safety measures like: explosion proof motors, double door airlocks, fire detection and suppression equipment, inert gas purging, oxygen monitoring, etc.

Shredders can be customized for some industrial applications with things such as conveyor systems, tippers, and magnetic separation, etc. Shredders are equipped with varied security ratings, for example the smaller the shred size the greater the security. The rate of shredding, the size and the type of the material to be shredded are some important factors that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing an industrial shredder. Make sure that the shredder you are using is designed to shred the objects that you feed into it.

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