Industrial Scales

Industrial scales are weight measuring devices that are designed to calculate constant or variable loads. Used in a variety of industrial applications, industrial scales are versatile devices that can weigh all sorts of items from tiny microprocessors to extremely large shipment packages and even large freight handling trucks and trains. Most types of industrial scales are electronic, hydraulic, or spring-powered.

Industrial scales are customized to suit specific applications such as: airline scales, truck scales, barcode printers, fork lift scales, doctor scales, food scales, conveyor scales, laboratory scales, and in-motion scales, etc. There are various types of industrial scales such as bench scales, laboratory scales, truck scales, floor scales and crane scales. Crane scales hang from a fixed point and loads that need to be weighed are attached beneath the scales by a large hook. These types of scales can either work as spring scales or by hydraulics.

Spring scales are designed to measure force, so they can operate vertically and allow gravity do the work or they can be positioned horizontally and pulled upon. Spring scales that are used in industrial environments need to have springs that are specially treated. With hydraulic industrial scales, the force is applied to a piston which is then sent through the hydraulic system to the sensor.

Bench scales are made from stainless steel, aluminum, etc. and are designed for use in damp environments such as the food industry. Also available in rugged heavy-duty models, bench scales have a capacity of over 600 kilos (1320 lbs.). Laboratory scales are made from cast iron, brass or steel and are used by laboratories, schools and businesses for testing and calibration services.

Truck scales are designed to handle abusive environments, and are generally built out of steel, concrete or a combination of both. They are used by truck weigh stations to collect taxes as well as to monitor truck weights and ensure that their weight falls within the stipulated weight recommendations. The scales/weights should ideally have some institutionalized accreditation/certification.

Floor scales look similar to a large mat that is spread out which is connected to a sensor. Floor scales usually work electronically. Electronic scales are work on either restoration or strain gage load cell. In restoration type scales, there is an electromagnet present which pulls against the weight of the object.

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