Industrial Ovens

Industrial ovens are heavy duty ovens that are used for baking moulds, curing, process heating, melting, sterilizing and other types of industrial processes. These special ovens can reach temperatures of 1300 degrees and they can be powered by electricity, natural gas, propane, oil, and steam. These machines are basically seen as thermal processing units for the industrial world.

Although these ovens are used for many types of tasks, the three major jobs they perform are drying, curing, and baking. In the drying process, the aim of the oven is to eliminate all moisture from the unit as fast as possible. The objects can dry quicker with more air moved over them and out of the oven. When items are baked they are heated over a long period of time, however they do not dry. The aim of baking is to reduce heat loss and retain some signs of moisture. When being cured, the objects are slowly heated to change their chemical or physical characteristics. The process of curing is usually a combination of drying and baking, as the aim is to slowly heat the objects and dry them at the same time.

Industrial ovens are fitted with temperature controllers that can be preset to a specific temperature and internal fans are used to make sure that all of the areas are heated at that uniform temperature. The ovens have refractory lining inside of them, along with racks to place the items being heated.

The outer doors of these ovens are made of heat retardant materials that do not allow any heat to escape. They also have safety devices that prevent fires, short circuits and devices to ensure that the set temperatures are not exceeded. Some types of industrial furnaces have devices in them that let you rotate the items that are being baked. They also have fume extractors to ensure that the burnt gases are dispersed of safely. Industrial ovens are available in horizontal and vertical configurations.

There are various types of industrial ovens such as conveyor ovens, walk in ovens, quenching ovens, foundry ovens and vacuum ovens. Industrial ovens are specified by the amount of space that is available inside of them, the maximum working temperatures that can be reached, the power consumed, and the type control interface available, etc.

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