Industrial Light Bulbs

From lengthy, tube-shaped industrial fluorescent bulbs to precision microscope bulbs, the lighting needs of industry vary dramatically. Manufacturers of industrial light bulbs use patented technologies to deliver reliable, high-performance products to medical, scientific, educational, industrial and commercial institutions.

Frequently, light bulbs are created specifically to work within a larger lighting system made by the manufacturer of the bulbs. This approach helps streamline the industrial lighting setup, allowing for easier maintenance and service in case of a failure or breakdown.

Types of Industrial Light Bulbs

Because they're designed for highly specialized applications, industrial light bulbs come in all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Industrial and commercial light bulbs. This family of lighting products includes both mounts and bulbs for warehouses, retail outlets and manufacturing facilities. Generally, they are designed to provide high-wattage lighting to large areas in the most economical manner possible.
  • Stage and studio light bulbs. Movie and television shoots, as well as live dramatic and musical performances, rely on specific lights to create mood and special effects. Delicate and expensive bulbs are designed solely for use in these lights.
  • Medical light bulbs. Diagnostic instruments are, like studio lights, often powered by uniquely designed light bulbs. Everything from X-ray machines and laryngoscopes to endoscopes and dental instruments rely on very specific light bulbs to work.
  • Scientific light bulbs. Research and development labs as well as educational institutions need light bulbs and lamps for spectroscopy, chromatography and microscopy. Tungsten halogen, xenon, mercury arc and hollow cathode are but a few of the light bulb types used in scientific applications. Microscope bulbs in particular can be tricky to shop for, since there are thousands of products available and it's not always easy to tell whether or not a given bulb is indicated for use in a particular microscope. Contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

Well-Known Manufacturers of Specialty Light Bulbs

GE industrial light bulbs are trusted around the world, delivering energy savings, long life and excellent reliability. After more than 100 years in business, General Electric continues to innovate; they've recently developed an award-winning line of light-emitting diode (LED) products to address the needs of industry's new generation. General Electric has also partnered up with EMCORE Corporation to produce the GELcore series of high-brightness LEDs.

Philips Lighting specializes in producing incandescent and halogen lamps in addition to a wide variety of ballasts, fixtures, stainless steel tubing and lighting electronics. Ushio America, Osram Sylvania and Radium Lampenwerk are but a few of the more prominent lighting companies with a global presence.

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