Industrial Casters

A caster is a relatively small wheel that is used to help move heavy equipment. To move these items you usually need to use a set of casters, one in each corner. They are used in industrial environments along with many other types of situations. Industrial casters need to be heavy duty and should be able to withstand extreme temperatures dirt and debris, and liquids such as oil and water. There are various types of industrial casters as they are used in numerous situations.

Casters that are used in industrial applications are slightly more sophisticated, specialized and rugged than the ones used in commercial circumstances. Industrial casters are mainly of two types, rigid-based and swivel-based. Rigid-based enables for movement in one particular direction while the swivel-based caster allows for movement in any direction. The industrial grade casters are made from chrome, brass, steel, iron and other materials. Wheels used in industrial casters are of various types: V-shaped wheels, pneumatic wheels, flanged track wheels, phenolic wheels depending upon the action and the usage.

Industrial casters are typically used in trucks, trailers, and flatbed trucks. These casters can be distinguished on the basis of their mounting styles; for example, plate-styled casters and stem-styled casters.

Industrial casters need to be tough as they must take the weight of full loads day after day without wearing down. The casters' bearing assemblies need to be sealed against any contamination which could cause them to lose their low rolling resistance properties.
Treads may wear unevenly and attachment bolts can loosen so industrial casters also need to be inspected regularly especially if they are being used in rough environments. Most casters that are sealed do not need to be lubricated however some types do.

Industrial casters need to absorb a lot of weight so they need to have shock absorption capabilities. Modern industrial casters are also available with a wide array of features such as brakes and hooded wheels, etc. The type of casters you will need will generally depend on the weight they will be transporting and the type of floor they will be rolling on.

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