Industrial Balers

Industrial balers are machines that consist of a large metal chamber that is designed to hold waste material and a hydraulic or pneumatic press that bales the waste. Industrial balers are made specifically for this task. Balers can take just about any type of material, compress it, shear it, and then bind it for storage, shipping or recycling. Special baling equipment, however, is required for liquid extraction and chemical waste. There are different types of balers available such as: pallets, densifying systems, shears and presses. Balers are available in vertical and horizontal sizes, as automatic tie balers and as two-ram balers with up to 300hp. Other types of industrial balers may be used for fluid extraction and recovery.

Industrial balers increase the efficiency of industries that produce voluminous waste, and are ideal for: recyclers, factories, ships, printers, warehouses, manufacturing and retail units, hospitals, airports, etc. General industrial baling applications include: textiles, chemicals, newspaper, office scrap paper, corrugated containers, plastic and metal material and readymade products.

There are two basic types of industrial baler designs which are horizontal and vertical. Material is placed in the top or side an end of a baler and from there it is moved to a compression chamber. The material is then pounded, smashed or squished into a dense, compact cube, depending on the type of baler. Most horizontal industrial balers come equipped with automatic binders that are designed to wrap the cube with wire, plastic or heavy-duty string for containment. Horizontal industrial balers are built to automatically unload the bale at the completion of the cycle.

Vertical industrial balers are a little smaller, but you usually have to unload each bale and bind it manually. In industrial environments where balers are regularly used, the machines usually work with material shredders and conveyors to increase baling process efficiency.

Balers are instrumental devices in the recycling industry and some types of industrial balers can handle large amounts of materials often up to 2000 lbs. per bale. Although they may seem a little similar balers shouldn’t be confused with compactors as a compactor is used primarily for the handling and compacting of trash.

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