Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulics is used in a wide array of industrial applications including hydraulic lifts. Hydraulic lifts are devices that use hydraulic cylinders for raising and lowering platforms. They are designed to be cost efficient and to cut down on worker fatigue. Since hydraulic cylinders use a hydraulic fluid, which is usually oil or water, these types of lifts are relatively maintenance free and therefore have a longer life than conventional lifts. Hydraulic lifts are available in various sizes and maximum load weights and are used for different purposes. These lifts can be used to transport people, machinery and vehicles.

These lifts are often used for machine feeding, work positioning, assembly, order picking, and pallet loading. Some types of lifts can handle loads as heavy as 10,000 lbs. Other types of hydraulic lifts are fitted with wheels and some are built specifically for tilting. Some table lifts even have rotating tables on them.

There are also hydraulic truck lifts available. These lifts can connect to the back of a truck to make the loading and unloading of heavy loads a lot easier and faster. Truck lifts are built to meet a wide variety of needs from simple moving jobs to those of landscapers and recyclers.

The principle advantage of a hydraulic lift is that free fall is limited during its use, which has a lot of safety implications. The lift’s highly efficient hydraulic motor leads to lower consumption of electricity in the factory or hospital etc. Hydraulic lifts are extensively used in many types of industries such as hospitals, dock work, garages, factories and construction work.

While choosing a hydraulic lift there are some basic factors you should consider such as its strength, its durability and its safety features. Make sure that the weight of the load doesn’t exceed the lift’s recommended weight level. If a hydraulic lift blows oil out of the exhaust line, or leaks oil at its connections you should have a qualified repairman check it out.

Compared to conventional lifts, hydraulic lifts are more affordable to operate and are easier to install. Hydraulic lifts are used where loading and positioning plays an important role. In the eventuality of a breakdown, hydraulic lift components are easily serviceable.

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